Bitcoin and the liberation of the US? – Rapper Kayne West is Pro BTC

The US rapper Kayne West is one of the most famous stars in the USA. The billionaire, who is also running as an independent candidate for the US presidential election this year, commented on Bitcoin and its potential in a recent YouTube interview. The rapper and fashion designer gave interesting insights into his point of view.

West attests the crypto currency Bitcoin Future app, for example, the potential to “liberate the USA.” In this article we take a closer look at the rapper’s quite exciting statements.

Bitcoin as a US liberation? – Kayne West

Kayne West is considered a controversial figure. His statements appear again and again to outsiders as bizarre and sometimes crazy. However, West has undoubtedly built an empire, which is based in particular on the two pillars of „music“ and „clothing“.

However, West is not satisfied with this situation and is running as an independent candidate for the US presidential election this year. In the foreground of his campaign is his relationship to God and religion.

However, anyone who thinks of a conservative picture is wrong. In the current podcast interview with Joe Rogan, Kayne West spoke about Bitcoin and his views on cryptocurrency .

Above all, he showed his appreciation for the „Bitcoin geniuses“ who show true foresight and believe in sustainable change in society.

These people have a look at the way true liberation of America and society can look like.

West said that many personalities from the “tech spectrum” push the boundaries forward and thus help shape social change.

Many of these tech people, but especially the Bitcoin people, have been able to take advantage of the new avenues, even the new avenues of information and technology, while pushing the boundaries further. The political system, on the other hand, is still clinging to old values ​​and the classic electoral college.

Companies like Square or Microstrategy as pioneers

Kayne West emphasized in the interview that he had prepared intensively for the talk. For example, he spoke to venture capitalist Anthony Schiller and Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam.

In this respect, West spoke to personalities from the cryptospace who were able to give him interesting insights. In the course of this, the rapper also emphasized the pioneering role of companies like Square or Microstrategy, which had set a stone in motion.

Interestingly enough, Joe Rogan also said after the interview that it “far exceeded his expectations”. Rogan has interviewed several US presidents in the past and made it clear that with Kayne West you can actually understand „how this man thinks“

The rapper emphasized several positive aspects of Bitcoin in the interview. What is your opinion on what Kayne West said?